Meet Lumetta’s Ryan Heelan: Consultant to Specifiers and DesignersSeptember 2022

Custom lighting design can create a welcoming or dramatic atmosphere in your space–requiring expert and complex execution. As an award-winning decorative commercial lighting design and manufacturer, Lumetta will help you to create the perfect fixture.

Lighting specifiers trust our quality, value our craftsmanship, and have a passion for custom lighting that can’t be found in any standard product. With more than three decades of creating customized fixtures, we’ve become a resource for designers who can envision their ideal custom fixture but need assistance with the details and specifications.

Enter Ryan Heelan, Lumetta’s Lighting Specialist and Consultant

As Lumetta’s Lead Lighting Engineer, Ryan will work with you every step of the way to make sure your customized fixtures fit your space flawlessly. His competency has motivated lighting designers and specifiers to repeatedly choose Lumetta for all their lighting projects. Ryan attends industry tradeshows, lighting design conferences, and works directly with our in-house manufacturing team.

With his extensive knowledge of lighting design, electrical, city ordinances and codes, construction, environmental impact, and artistic values, he will assist you in creating the ideal lighting plan with the most cost effective and innovative solutions for your installation project.

“We understand that every project is different and pride ourselves on developing unique and extraordinary– always beautiful custom lighting,” states Heelan. “Lumetta offers this additional benefit to anyone who may be unsure of their installation requirements. We’ll fully support and point you in the right direction, and we’ll solidify your specifications and details before we reach the quotation phase.”

Ryan has been with Lumetta for ten years and is dedicated to the tradition of handcrafted artisan lighting, collaborating with superior lighting specifiers, and pioneering leading edge technology solutions in the decorative commercial lighting industry.

Lumetta’s 36,500 square foot production facility is in Warwick, Rhode Island. We work closely with clients, suppliers, and industry craftsmen to ensure the integrity of all our design details. We proudly support “Buy American” which boosts the national economy, supports American jobs, and guarantees your products are manufactured by companies that comply with American labor laws and manufacturing requirements.

Ryan can be reached at