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What is Lumenate®?

Lumenate® is a flexible, lightweight, versatile, washable composite material, created and used exclusively by Lumetta for its luminaires. It is available in matte and gloss finish and can achieve translucent to opaque lighting effects. Lumenate® is fade resistant; created to bring out vibrant colors, hues and patterns and is fully customizable to match colors and display custom graphics. We offer sample swatches for visual representation, best viewed under light.
Lumenate® is UL tested to ASTM 1929, UL723, and UL635 standards and has moderate UV protection.
  • DL14 Indie
  • DL15 Galaxy
  • DL16 Cortica
  • DL17 Rhythm

We reserve the right to change and discontinue any color or pattern at any time without notice.