Breaking from Tradition: SB One Bank Reveals a Modern LookAugust 2019

When Sussex Bank and Community Bank of Bergen County merged to form SB One Bank in 2018, a major rebranding strategy was implemented, a key element of which was creating a new look for its banking centers.

Serving as a prototype design for future renovations, the first branch to open after the merger is located at a luxury condominium complex in Weehawken, New Jersey. A community celebration and ribbon-cutting ceremony took place, opening the doors of SB One Weehawken to reveal a modern interior in stark contrast to standard banking design.

Traditionally, customers and bankers are often separated by walls, windows or counters, the new design concept evokes a sense of intimacy and privacy, particularly for customers dealing with higher level needs. The space also features a polished color palette and luxurious accents.

DMR Architects was slated as the designer for this project and chose Lumetta’s Drum L2 34” Pendants in MT White as the luminaires that would best support the bank’s vision of an Integrated Banking Experience.

“The design intent was to create spatially secluded areas where customers could feel comfortable and private. The Lumetta Pendant’s bold shape, size and depth assisted in defining these areas.” –Arlenis Cepeda, Project Architect

Recent research suggests that customers are beginning to prefer the in-person experience over the virtual and are returning to their local banks. With design like this, who can blame them?

Enterprise Lighting Sales is the preferred agency for this project.

Images: William Neumann Photography

Rotary Terrace Pursues Quality and Value Engineered LightingJuly 2019

When HKIT Architects designed the interior for Rotary Terrace Senior Housing in South San Francisco, they sought a balance between the practical and the aesthetic. Senior Interior Designer Sonja Marck found these attributes in Lumetta’s drums and taper pendants which were selected and appointed throughout the lobby and social areas.

For this project, the fixtures were used to provide accent to the public spaces where residents gather. “We like Lumetta and often use them on our projects. Their lines offer a lot of variety and color options,” Sonja shares.

Luminaires featured on this project are P53414 34” OD x 14″ H drum pendants using D60 MT Natural (Lumenate® Fiber collection) and taper pendants 32” OD x 25” H each,  wrapped in D12 Grain (Lumenate® Earth collection), both with etched white bottom lens.  Not shown but also used are 34” OD and 23” OD surface mounts featuring D12 Grain (Lumenate® Earth collection) with etched white bottom lens.

Sonja especially favors the taper pendants installed in the Community room as they complement the two-story space and reflects its warmth with the wood tone design for the shade.

The beautiful new development, recently opened, provides 81 homes for seniors, a project between Beacon Development Group and the Rotary Club of South San Francisco.

CAL.Lighting is the preferred agency for this project.
Image:  Abraham & Paulin Photography

Muted Lighting with Accents of Color at Hamilton College Health and Wellness CenterJuly 2019

With a focus on health and wellness services, Hamilton College selected Chiang | O’Brien Architects to design a functional space that addressed the growing demand for more integrated physical and mental health services from a single facility. The college proceeded with a new, stand-alone facility located in central campus, hosting various offices and functional rooms that serve the purpose.  Below, the firm’s Megan Walker, Associate, and Spencer Haynsworth Woodcock, Marketing Director, illuminate on the role lighting fixtures played on realizing this vision.

Lighting was a very important component. The vision for the interior was to provide welcoming and inviting spaces with clean and minimal furnishings, plus lighting with accents of color to give a warm, “living room” atmosphere.

Lumetta’s Shadow Series was chosen for the two main open stairs and counselor offices, while shallow drums made it to the group rooms.

At the main open stairs that connect the two levels, a set of three columnar fixtures–  27” Shadow Cylinder pendants P2091 with D922 Trans Grid TransLumenate® (outside) and D50 Chartreuse Metallic Lumenate® (inside)–  were used to help emphasize the volume of the space. These were mounted at different heights to provide a sculptural and ethereal feel.

The group rooms  feature shallow drum pendants coming in diameters of 34” OD and a custom 24” OD, relative to the size of each room.  P53408 is wrapped in D148 Mist Weave Lumenate®, white acrylic top and bottom lenses and the custom version has D183 Whitewash Earth Lumenate® with bottom etched white acrylic lens.   

Vertex Solutions is the preferred agency for this project.
Photography:  Revette Studio

Introducing: Echo surface mount luminairesJune 2019

A close encounter with the art of light

The addition of the Echo surface mounts completes the popular Echo collection, a line of luminaires that play on light + geometry + pattern, to deliver impressive lighting in any space.

Drawing from the geometric shapes of the sconces, the Echo surface mount is a more current alternative to the predictable surface/ceiling lights available in the market today.  The design is poised to attract lighting specifiers inclined to the contemporary.

The unique feature of the Echo surface mount lies in its incomparable ability to amplify shape and pattern at a standard height of 3.75”.  The combination of the shape, inner diffuser patterns within an outer diffuser, and the proximity of the light to the ceiling surface, makes for a really aesthetic combination.  Add the Echo Lumenate® proprietary color choices, and these surface mounts can achieve any imaginative look and feel, integrating with interior design themes.

Echo surface mount luminaires are available in 6 signature Echo colors, 3 patterns, and 3 proprietary sconce shapes.

View the collection

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Sagewood Senior Living: Designed to Connect with the CommunityJune 2019

For this resort-style senior living place near Scottsdale, AZ, nestled within the landscape of Arizona’s Sonoran Desert, Spellman Brady & Company wanted to create an oversized light fixture that felt true to the contemporary, southwestern style of the community.

The interior planning firm worked with Lumetta to find the perfect design and dimensions for the space. Once the scope was narrowed,  Custom Studio Drum Pendants in Imperial decorative metal pattern, felt perfect as the lighting element. The geometric, lattice design of the metal, the warm bronze finish, and large scale of the fixture was perfect for the lecture hall lobby.  Installing four of these pendants delivered the ideal amount of light for the lobby.

Each pendant measured 23” OD x 44” OH, with decorative metal frame wrapping around the D60 MT Natural Lumenate® from the Fiber design palette, in F7 Powder Coat Bronze finish. At the 44” height, these  were ideal for the double height rotunda lobby space.

As envisioned, the  luminaires complemented the room’s character and accomplished all of the firm’s design goals in planning the perfect lighting element for the space.

Saint Louis Lighting Group is the preferred agency for this project.

Photography:  Larry Kantor Photography, Prescott, AZ

Complementing Natural Light at the Mission Trail Baptist HospitalJune 2019

For Mission Trail Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, TX, ESa (Earl Swensson Associates)  drew inspiration from both the colonial missions of old and the San Antonio River.  A neutral color palette created a calming, timeless design aesthetic, with the artwork providing color.

Designing for LEED Gold certification, the lighting intent was key.  Natural light permeates the interiors of this 110-bed acute care hospital in the public areas, patient rooms, operating rooms, PACU, and ends of patient corridors.

Every space supports this intent. In the dining area, the choice of Lumetta’s Shadow Box pendant complements, providing a sophisticated light and airy balance within the interior space.  These box pendants  provide a comfortable level of illumination to enhance the dining area. The TransLumenate® diffuser projects a soft ambient light that augments the natural light and matches the color theme with its inner Lumenate® shade.

Shadow Cube 17” Pendant P2094, a cube version of this custom luminaire, can be found under the Shadow Collection. Made of  welded steel and aluminum with a washable exterior TransLumenate®  and a washable core Lumenate®.

Lumetta can customize most standard products under each Collection.

Image:  ESa (Earl Swensson Associates)

Malcolm Mimms & Associates is the preferred agency for this project.

6 Settings Perfect for Drum LightingMay 2019

While it’s often considered desirable to be inventive with lighting, there is a lot of merit in keeping with the classics. Consider drum pendants. These luminaires offer a versatile style and timeless appeal that transcend settings, especially in the hands of imaginative designers.

Lumetta’s top-quality collection of drum pendants and surface mounts are available in a range of diameters, heights, and lamping options. Fitted with any Lumenate® selection, the only limit is one’s imagination. View Drum Collection

#1. Education: From elementary schools, colleges, universities, libraries, to training centers, drums can help provide inspiration and respite in areas of learning.

#2. Restaurants & Bars: Thinking of the best way to install those drums in a snazzy restaurant or a hip bar? These installations may just spark your own visual creativity.

#3. Healthcare: A visit to a healthcare facility or a stay at the hospital can be made less stressful with a beautifully lit surrounding. See for yourself how these centers did with these inspired drum installations.

#4. Retail: A good way to motivate shoppers to linger in retail settings is to invigorate them with welcoming and attractive lighting.

#5. Corporate: From the most high profile corporate locations to the more intimate workplace settings, drums in clusters, groups, or individual placements, are commonplace for their timeless visual appeal.

#6. Residential: In residential spaces where communicating a warm, cozy feeling is the intent, drums are often the best luminaire styles to establish familiarity with the right amount of individual charm.

Inspiration Lighting: 6 Wall Sconces that Make a Stylish StatementApril 2019

Increasingly, fresh, avant-garde designs that make lighting serve as wall art are regularly introduced to the market.

If your space needs more lighting inspiration, contemporary wall sconces often help to define a style.  Lumetta’s wall luminaires have always met the challenge of delivering the right balance of artful intention while ensuring that the piece can complement a specifier’s overall vision.

Here are 6 sconces* to help you make a stylish statement:

#1 Zen: A poised and well-balanced design that works in harmony with its surrounding.

#2 Square & Shadow: Square sconces break away from traditional shapes for a modern take. Shadow sconces play on double layers for subdued elegance and casting of softer light.

#3 Arcs & Form: Complement fluid, easygoing themes. Arcs incorporate handcrafted metal frames. Forms come in curved, cylindrical and other organic shapes.

#4 Echo: These ultramodern outcomes of combining geometry + pattern + light transform surfaces from flat to impressive.

#5 Silhouette: A contemporary line of impeccably designed, laser-cut LED sconces, these make a sophisticated statement with its form and vividly soft light projection.

#6 Studio: Handcrafted sconces that pair modern design with attractive patterns, creating highlight pieces.

*View all Wall Sconces

Many of our wall sconces have complementary pendants within the Collection.

These wall sconces are seen mostly indoors, in the most artful settings, but may be modified to fit outdoor needs. Ask our Customer Service team for any desired adjustments.