About Us

Engineers, Craftsmen, and Artisans

Makers of Quality Luminaires

Lumetta is an innovative US manufacturer of decorative commercial luminaires, driven by engineers, craftsmen, and artisans. Through vision, innovation, creativity, and collaboration, we can modify any of our products or customize to bring your design vision to life.

We pride ourselves in our hands-on approach and fabricate each fixture from scratch. All of our products can easily be altered in design, scale, light source, and diffuser effects to create a custom look.

Lumetta has always used modern manufacturing practices to craft our dynamic line of ceiling, wall, and portable luminaires and has expanded in response to an evolution in lighting sources. We offer hundreds of finishes and lamping combinations for the commercial market.

Proudly American Made

The Lumetta Story: A Marriage of Art and Engineering

Founder and President, Bill Prichett

Working with new materials was always an adventure for me.  My father was an engineer, and my mother an artist.  Their studio and shop were my playground. Initially, I followed in my father’s footsteps and pursued an engineering degree, later changing to mathematics, and then biology.  While teaching science after college, I befriended the head of the art department, and through that friendship rekindled my passion for art.  I painted and made sculpture for 18 years while simultaneously doing architectural and building projects.  It was this work, with a myriad of materials and techniques—from epoxy composites to welding, drafting, carpentry, and photography—that laid the groundwork for starting Lumetta in 1992. 

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I sent 4x5 transparencies of my first 3 products to 30 different magazines. Seven magazines featured my designs. Soon I was flooded with over 2,000 requests for my catalog.  At that point, I didn’t know the difference between a purchase order and an invoice, but I knew this was going to work. It had to, because this is what I felt I was meant to be doing.

My designs caught the eye of Bill Blitzer of Lightolier notoriety. Rather than sell my designs, we agreed that I would design 3 fixtures for them and produce them.  An initial order of 700 pieces made it clear that I must seek different materials to meet production demand. To satisfy the demand, I developed a revolutionary process designed for production, leading to the creation of Lumenate®.  Lumenate® would soon become the backbone of our reputation.

For the past 25 years, I have had the privilege of watching employees thrive, buy cars, get married, have children, and buy homes. When the business first started taking off, I expanded into a 12,000-sq. ft. building in West Warwick, RI.  Today, we are located in Warwick, in a 34,000-sq. ft. facility with state-of-the-art equipment that I never dreamed of when I was bending wire by hand in my shop in Jamestown, RI.

Our Team

It is the people behind Lumetta, who continually inspire me as they show up day after day, year after year.  It has been a privilege to have worked 28 years together, refining our skills and improving the process, contributing to a great end product.  We have been pioneers in this industry and have created thousands of luminaires in response to the artistic visions of our staff and customers.   I am proud of what we have accomplished and look forward to discovering the exciting new projects that lie ahead.

Our Mission

To design and manufacture professionally engineered luminaires from a highly adaptable platform of materials. We strive to maintain the principles of integrity and responsibility with our customers, employees, and suppliers.