New L2 Series

The L2 Series has a dynamic double layer of LUMENATE® that makes an eye catching impression. To best accommodate your project we offer a range of sizes from 18 to 48 inch diameters. Choose from 177 standard LUMENATE® diffusers, or create unique custom imagery. Lumetta offers so many choices that design possibilities seem endless.


Eight new patterns in three color ways have been added to Lumetta’s Design LUMENATE® collection. LUMENATE® diffusers distribute light brilliantly, are washable, lightweight, and durable. Select from over 170 LUMENATE® choices to create the perfect luminaire.


Lumetta has extended their Fiber LUMENATE® Collection with four new color choices. Willow, Tan, Khaki, and Teal are versatile options that will enhance any space and look beautiful all year long.

Taper Pendants

Lumetta’s Cone Collection has new Taper Pendants that are available in 18, 25, 32 and 42 inch diameters. The L2 Tapers have a dynamic double layer of LUMENATE® that make an eye catching impression. Over one hundred LUMENATE® choices and custom options make the design possibilities endless.

Studio SL

Lumetta has created a new collection of dynamic luminaires
that extend the boundaries of the Studio line with a play
between metal and light. The SL collection is now available
in 18” and 23” diameters and feature five design choices
ranging from traditional to modern.

Powder Coating

Lumetta’s frame finishes are processed in their new state-of-the-art, eco-friendly, powder coating facility. This means more control and faster turnover. All products are proudly made by a team of talented engineers, craftsmen, and artisans in Warwick, RI.

Xina & Traverse

The Xina and Traverse styles are now available in 18” Drum Pendants, 23” Drum Pendants, and 10” Sconces. Check out the website to view the Studio Collection, where modern design meets industrial style.

Silhouette Sconces

Introducing a contemporary line of impeccably designed laser cut LED sconces that make a brilliant impression. Available in four standard sizes ranging from 12 to 49 inches in height, each with six designer panels to choose from.