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The Lumetta Team
"A boat doesn’t go forward if each one is rowing their own way." Swahili Proverb
Lumetta Employees
"I really enjoy the fact that I have the ability to express myself artistically."
Matthew David, Metal Fabricator

Our Team

We share a single mindset from the shop floor to the back office: constant improvement.

We are engineers, craftsmen, and artisans who come to work every day, ready to make a positive contribution. Coming from diverse backgrounds, we bring our authentic selves to the workplace, enriching each other through our interactions.

For many of us, Lumetta has become our second family, having worked here for a long time, starting our careers or families. In fact, Lumetta has topped the state’s index for “number of years of employment” for a manufacturing company.

We work in synergy; our individual contributions mesh to shape the outcome of the final product and our company’s market reputation. We know that the quality of output from one group impacts the other. It is not unusual for us to take a pause to help a coworker out, as well as back stopping each other with crossover skills.

While every employee’s day-to-day experience can be different, as a team, we share a single journey, dedicated to one Mission: to design and manufacture quality luminaires.


Our culture supports a mostly flat structure that helps us stay agile and responsive to the luminaire market. We conduct our work influenced by four core values:

A keen visual perception of where we want to go next.
In support of our vision, constantly seeking breakthrough, leading edge ideas and developments.
We are willing to pursue the untried and untested; to rethink possibilities in creating new products and in seeking solutions to challenges.
We work with others to find the best outcome, encouraging the expression of different points of view, knowledge and skills sharing.
Lumetta Employee
  • The Lumetta Team
    “Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.” Henry Ford
  • The Lumetta Team
    There is such a diverse team of talented people here continuously sharing their skills and knowledge.
  • The Lumetta Team
    Lumetta gives me the freedom to experiment; I am surrounded by great people who encourage me to learn and become better.

Our Success

We have steadily grown from a small shop solely run by our Founder Bill Prichett, to the company we are today. We continue to design and manufacture quality luminaires distributed throughout North America. Our business success has always been people success-- the people behind Lumetta who are excited to come to work daily and whose personal values align with our company's.


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