Lumetta’s Acoustic Collection pairs illumination and design with sound dampening acoustics that control high noise levels and vibration.
Our integrated system optimizes the synergy between our handcrafted illumination and our superior acoustic products.

Linear Acoustic Shades

  • D801 AC White
  • D802 AC Marble
  • D803 AC Oat
  • D804 AC Earth Brown
  • D805 AC Lemon
  • D806 AC Yellow
  • D807 AC Pumpkin
  • D808 AC Halo
  • D809 AC Red
  • D810 AC Purple
  • D811 AC Periwinkle
  • D812 AC Midnight Blue
  • D813 AC Sky Blue
  • D814 AC Navy
  • D815 AC Pear
  • D816 AC Lime
  • D817 AC Heather Green
  • D818 AC Green
  • D819 AC Pepper
  • D820 AC Black

L2 Acoustic Shades

  • D702 AC Kiwi
  • D703 AC Spearmint
  • D704 AC Orange
  • D705 AC Mango
  • D706 AC Pink
  • D708 AC Pomegranate
  • D709 AC Jam
  • D710 AC Caribbean
  • D711 AC Aquamarine
  • D713 AC Aluminum
  • D714 AC Iron
  • D715 AC Quicksilver

We reserve the right to change and discontinue any color or pattern at any time without notice.