Pendant Luminaires Provide Desired Illumination to New Campus Building.January 2018

When GMB Architecture + Engineering’s Paul Hector sought luminaries to provide the desired illumination for Caledonia High School’s new South Campus Building, he turned to Lumetta’s pendant drums along with a custom piece-a clover leaf luminaire that showcases precise metal work. The luminaires, installed in a variety of areas in the campus, provided the desired appealing soft presence, in both lit and unlit forms, all featuring Xicato modules as lighting source.

Here’s a short Q+A with Paul:

Q: Other than the soft presence, what were the prime project criteria?

Paul: The performance of the luminaire needed to be a primary light source for the space, along with durability and the ability to be cleaned.

Q: What was the design vision or inspiration?

Paul: The project’s design was influenced by the positioning of the building and to bring a connection to the site. A consistent feature was desired for the luminaire given daylight lighting conditions. The inspiration was to create viewpoints and outlooks with multiple focal points and depth; allowing the luminaires to be prominent yet also complement the adjacent luminaires and encompassing architecture.

Q: How did Lumetta help bring that vision to life?

Paul: Meeting the specific luminaire requirements. Especially providing the custom abilities to meet shape and finish.

Credit: West Michigan Lighting & Controls was the preferred agency for this project.