Hesburgh Library Scholars Lounge (University of Notre Dame), INApril 2018

Lumetta now adds the Hesburgh Library Scholars Lounge, University of Notre Dame, to the list of prestigious academic presence for its luminaires.

Adam Kibbe, Collaborative Lighting Principal: “The idea was of dense clusters of large fixtures, loosely metaphorical for gatherings of people and coming together of ideas. The resultant look is very compelling and reads well both from within the room and from the passage outside, which is a heavily-trafficked axis of movement into and through the library”.

The tailored simplicity of 34” Drum Pendants using Lumenate® in Slate with top and bottom diffusers, worked well in clustering. This style embodied the clean aesthetic the lighting specifier sought and were equipped with dimmable native-LED lumens package. Lumetta also provided considerable material options and a commensurate level of fit & finish.

Project architect: Shepley Bulfinch
Exposure Lighting is the preferred agency for this project.
Photography by Darris Lee Harris