Lumetta Releases ‘Fall Inspiration’ Social Media SeriesOctober 2018

Fall is awash with both muted and vibrant colors. Brilliant bolds. Earth tones. Teal. Sienna. Orange.

Drawing inspiration from the beautiful sights and mood of fall, Lumetta published a series of posts that show how this beauty can be translated with its luminaires. By selecting from the the full range of Lumenate® colors, patterns, transparency, and finishes, any Lumetta fixture can represent both the warm and cool textures of autumn. The option of tunable white LED lighting, which enable adjustment of color temperature and intensity, adds to even more possibilities

Visual suggestions centered on going for brilliant bolds by mixing and matching rich tones, subtle patterns, or introducing pops of bold color to create a signature look; tailored elegance through setting the mood by fusing subtle pops of rich, warm tones and sleek-framed luminaires; and harmonious combinations influenced by a pleasant array of patterns, colors and textures.

The series ran for about 3 weeks on different platforms and was well received by the interior and lighting design communities. “It was very encouraging to know how positively the theme was received,” was the unanimous comment of Steph Carlson and Andrea Constantino, the highly imaginative Art & Production team who conceptualized the series. “As a result, we are already working on a follow up for the next season,” adds Steph.

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