Akron Children’s Hospital Considine Building Creates Positive DistractionsNovember 2018

Hasenstab Architects recently designed an addition to the Considine Professional Building at Akron Children’s Hospital, making use of Lumetta’s Shadow drum fixtures and Double Bar pendants.

In conceiving the design of the space, Hasenstab Interior Designer Carla Cremers considered the promotion of a feeling of enhanced well-being by decreasing stress and creating positive distractions.  “Due to the Shadow drum and Double Bar pendants’ modification capabilities in terms of sizing and inner diffuser options, they were easy selections”, she notes.

The lighting modifications introduced enabled Hasenstab to achieve design continuity with other fixtures in the space. Carla underscores that: “Clear wayfinding is key in decreasing stress. This was also attained by emphasizing floor color themes with the vibrantly matching Lumenate® inner shades and coordinating TransLumenate® shades, for the Shadow drums”.

The Shadow drums are surface mounted at 48” OD x 15” H, using D921 Trans Cool TransLumenate® for the outer shade and D57 Apple Lumenate® (Fresh) for the inner shade. The same inner and outer shades were used for the 3-Tier custom Drum pendant measuring 28” OH x 28” OW, located at the Mahoning Valley location. Double Bar pendants PB660 feature D35 Grid Chalk Lumenate® under the Whimsy family with an F8 steel finish.

Jack Duffy & Associates is the preferred agency for this project.
Images: Scott Pease Photography