New Echo Wall Sconces: Geometry + Pattern = Eye-catchingJanuary 2019

Geometry + Pattern?  While others are still debating the equation, we have already translated into design.  Introducing the Echo Wall Sconces, the latest addition to the popular Echo Collection.

The Echo Wall Sconces embody visual artistry through shape and pattern. Eye-catching luminaires in Lunar, Slice, and Slope, inspired by geometric art, matched with Echo’s proprietary Shell, Abstract, and Tech patterns.  These sconces transform any surface from flat to impressive.

The sconces come in two versions, appealing to the purist and to the design maverick.  There’s “Unbound”, creating visual impact through the sheer effect of a precise shape, color, and pattern combination, and the “Cradled” version, which includes a metal cradle crafted to underscore an ultramodern feel. Echo sconces are available in various shapes and can be customized with or without your choice of cradle design upon request. The cradle comes with metal finish options exclusive to the Echo sconce.

“These wall sconces are anything but ordinary.  In aiming to develop a unique design that captures the essence of the Echo pendants and yet delivers on its own, we really pushed the envelope in re-imagining most everyone’s expectations of what a wall sconce is,” shares Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Design Team lead.

The Echo Wall sconces are available in 6 Echo colors of Kiwi, Grey, Gold, Mystic, Onyx, and Navy.

Available in various shapes and can be customized with or without your choice of cradle shape upon request.

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