A Cluster of L2 Acoustic for Isted Technical Sales’ Conference Room.March 2019

When Isted Technical Sales (Canada) relocated its Regina offices, they saw the move as an opportunity to display their own imagination in lighting design.  Why not turn the offices into a living  showroom of fixtures from some of the manufacturers they represent?  There was the conference room, an important space where team members gather for ideation and updates.  With its high ceiling, it could use luminaires that would make the room stand out; displaying “something” not seen every day.

In Lumetta’s L2 Acoustic, they found an embodiment of aesthetic and function; but one fixture was not going to achieve their vision. Going for originality, they assigned a cluster of drum pendants in different diameters– 18”, 23”, 34”, 42” and 48” OD—in the same 14” height.  While these  all sport a D52MM Silver outer diffuser from the Lumenate® Metallic collection, a mix of energetic Acoustic shades were chosen for the interior.  The cluster balances the high ceiling, as well as  draws the eye to a central point—the table where ideas of innovation and controls typically surface.  Further, the sound dampening attribute of the acoustic helps moderate the positive animation that mark these meetings.

To find out how to apply the same design, or create your own for your space, find a Lumetta agent serving your area.