Complementing Natural Light at the Mission Trail Baptist HospitalJune 2019

For Mission Trail Baptist Hospital in San Antonio, TX, ESa (Earl Swensson Associates)  drew inspiration from both the colonial missions of old and the San Antonio River.  A neutral color palette created a calming, timeless design aesthetic, with the artwork providing color.

Designing for LEED Gold certification, the lighting intent was key.  Natural light permeates the interiors of this 110-bed acute care hospital in the public areas, patient rooms, operating rooms, PACU, and ends of patient corridors.

Every space supports this intent. In the dining area, the choice of Lumetta’s Shadow Box pendant complements, providing a sophisticated light and airy balance within the interior space.  These box pendants  provide a comfortable level of illumination to enhance the dining area. The TransLumenate® diffuser projects a soft ambient light that augments the natural light and matches the color theme with its inner Lumenate® shade.

Shadow Cube 17” Pendant P2094, a cube version of this custom luminaire, can be found under the Shadow Collection. Made of  welded steel and aluminum with a washable exterior TransLumenate®  and a washable core Lumenate®.

Lumetta can customize most standard products under each Collection.

Image:  ESa (Earl Swensson Associates)

Malcolm Mimms & Associates is the preferred agency for this project.