Tunable White LED: Now Available in Select LuminairesAugust 2019

Lumetta has added tunable white as an LED lamping option for select fixtures.  Available color temperature (CCT) ranges from 2700K-6500K, with dimming options of 2 Channel 0-10V or Bluetooth Wireless.

“Both our sales and engineering teams have their fingers on the pulse when it comes to the most relevant developments in lighting technology,” shares Lumetta President Bill Prichett. “We made a decision to introduce this into most of our collection for its aesthetic value and the growing demand from lighting specifiers.”

How does tunable white work?  Using a number of controllable channels, tunable white adjusts the color temperature of the luminaire’s white light output, from a warm to a cool tone.  Having this control undoubtedly highlights the visual appeal of interior design.  

Currently, tunable white LED is available as an option in some of Lumetta’s more popular collections.  Two ways to find out:

  1. Product Spec Builder. Within a product’s spec sheet under Interactive or List View, the selection appears under ‘Lamping’.
  2. Lumetta’s agents can ask for both availability and pricing by opting to email quotes@lumetta.com or calling 401-691-3994 and connecting to Customer Service.

Lumetta enjoys cost efficiencies that enable it to offer the tunable white option at a reasonable price.

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