Prairie Lakes Healthcare Installs Lumetta Lighting in Key Areas for Design and AmbianceApril 2020

Prairie Lakes HealthCare in Watertown, SD was looking to update and modernize their reception, lunch, and conversation areas and to better utilize their existing space. Lighting was given a top priority, not only for the sake of practicality, but also for aesthetic effects. The ambient lighting would serve as both a welcoming and comforting atmosphere for patients and visitors alike. The soft lighting would also give a feel of stability and permanency to the facilities. Ultimately, the hospital chose Lumetta to design and fabricate the fixtures for each of the locations.

The Palindrome pendant lighting that hangs directly over the reception area, was chosen and installed to give a warm and welcoming appeal as people entered the building. The Echo pendants were placed in a small eat-in area, making for an inviting and cozy place to sit, chat and have a coffee. Finally, the L2 pendants were utilized over a seating area in the corridors, where noise reduction was necessary. The corridor areas also included rugs and room dividers that were installed to allow for a semi-private seating area for families. These seating areas made it possible for family members to gather and discuss personal matters amid the bustling within the hospital.

The successful lighting installation for these three areas brought about a sense of ease and well-being to a facility that would greatly benefit from the soothing effects of the beautiful illumination.

Photography by John Magnoski