Lumetta’s Taper Pendants Chosen to Illuminate Global Communication Giant’s Corporate CafeJune 2020

ViaSat, a fast-growing global communications company located in Carlsbad, CA, recently completed a massive expansion on the East Campus of their global headquarters. The project encompassed 23 acres and brought their total footprint within the city to 1.1 million square feet between their 17 buildings. The company employs more than 2,500 workers in Carlsbad and nearly 5,500 globally, making it the largest development in the city of Carlsbad. 

ViaSat worked with Robinson Brown Design, one of the foremost interior design firms in San Diego, in planning the impressive development. The company expressed their desire to create a custom, iconic space that would engage their employees. They wanted to mix playfulness and productivity within the extent of their colleagues’ environment.

Incorporated into the plans were features such as co-labs outside employee offices, a 4-acre courtyard with areas for hammocks and outdoor meetings, and a restaurant that would change its look to match the daily cuisine; all making for a lively and appealing atmosphere.

Within the scope of this project, ViaSat, additionally built a 5,000 square foot dining and lounge area, complete with 5 food stations, that provided the employees with a secluded area conducive to discussions or spending time alone. 

The ViaSat Café encompasses an impressive 5,000 square feet and includes a stage and flexible architectural elements. The modern touches align with the high tech company’s feel while remaining warm and welcoming. Although they are not consciously noticed, the subtle design aspects, such as air flow and lighting were a considerable part of the project. The designers wanted the cafe to be illuminated with a soft, warm lighting that would be dramatic on its own, but subtle enough to showcase the architectural effort and create a modern, well-lit, energy-efficient and comfortable eating environment.

Lumetta was contracted to fulfill this dream. Our tapered cone pendant lighting solution with handcrafted metal and our own Lumenate® shade was chosen, designed and fabricated to provide the warm amber lighting that worked so well within the natural and organic surroundings. The fixtures added to the ambiance and relaxing atmosphere, and were the perfect complement to the wood furnishings.

The installation of Lumetta’s successful, energy-efficient lighting solutions completes the innovative and forward thinking ViaSat’s vision of employee-focused, high-tech and beach vibe themed environments.

OCS Lighting & Control is the preferred agency for this project.

Photograph by Zwink Photography