Lumetta’s Lumenate® Dividers: A Riveting Response to Covid-19 Protection:January 2021

As announced in our December newsletter, Lumetta will begin manufacturing our own protective Lumenate® Dividers in response to the Covid-19 pandemic and the urgent need to protect businesses’ staff, visitors, and customers.

There has been a high demand for these panels from architects and contractors, as well as from facility managers in many sectors such as Retail, Restaurant, Education, Office, Government, Airports, Hospitality, Healthcare, Banking and others.

Our tastefully designed Lumenate® Dividers are an excellent way of preventing infectious spread of the Covid-19 virus via respiratory droplets. In addition to their protective properties, these colorful and stylish panels are washable, antimicrobial and look great in any setting.

You don’t have to settle on bulky plexiglass panels that allow distracting surrounding activities to intrude on your space or that fog, mar or scratch easily. Table and desk top panels also crowd surface areas as well, while these suspended dividers allow you to better clean surrounding surfaces in addition to the dividers. Additionally, the surfaces of our flexible, protective panels are infused with antimicrobial germ- and virus-free technology and can easily be cleaned with any commercial cleaner.

These mood-enhancing and relaxing protective panels will now be available in a multitude of colors and opacities and will make social distancing and space management a thing of comfort and beauty. You can customize the panels to easily partition your space. Choose from a variety of (24) different shade options to fit your needs–varying from clear (completely transparent) or clear w/ a matte finish to gorgeous translucent solid colors or designer patterns: Ornament, Intertwine, Leaf, Delta or Abstract Floral. Increase both employee and customer well-being with these versatile, custom designed panel dividers and help ensure the health and safety of the public, while maintaining an appealing environment.

Lumenate® Divider panels are designed to be suspended and are available in our standard size of 30” x 60”. The panels can also be joined from side-to-side with our hardware to form a 5’ x 5’ panel (or longer width in 30” increments). The conformable panels can be mounted to the floor (table, desk, etc.) for additional support, if desired.

The framework for these stunning, portable works of art is offered in 11 of our standard powder coat finishes and makes for a sturdy, secure and reconfigurable design. The innovative partitions are fully customizable with any color, design or logo of your choice and of course are 100% USA Made. These forward-thinking dividers are also designed to serve as a valuable fixture in our future post-Covid interior spaces and can even be coordinated with Lumetta’s lighting products for a complementary and stylish environment.

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