Lumetta’s Photo Contest Winner Is….. Drum Roll Please…November 2021

In August we challenged our partners to submit their best Lumetta installation photos for our first ever Lumetta Photo Contest. Today we’re proud to announce the winning submission and the name of the $300 Visa Card Prize Winner.

This contest began, like most new contests, as a bit of an experiment. Beyond a caution to send in only royalty free material, our rules were relatively open ended, and we weren’t sure what to expect.

We certainly received some very interesting images and reviewed the photographs that were most applicable to this contest. Judging a contest like this is, of course, subjective.

The winning image was chosen based on what we felt set it apart from the rest:
The photograph was artfully balanced – from layout, composition, angles and perspective, hard and soft lighting effects, to camera settings such as exposure, color, and sharpness; all of which make for an interesting visual storytelling.

With that being said and without further ado, the contest winner of the first Lumetta Photo Contest is Benny Williams from Lighting Associates Atlanta, GA for this photo of East Central Regional Hospital.

While it was very difficult to make a final decision, we can only choose one winner for this first contest. However, we plan to hold similar contests every 3 months and we’ll look forward to your Lumetta installation photos.

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted photographs and we hope that you will consider sending future Lumetta installation images for our recurring photo contests.

Congratulations Benny! And thank you again to everyone who participated!