L2 Acoustic Lighting Chosen for Menchaca Elementary SchoolMarch 2022

Menchaca Elementary School is a design-build project in Austin, Texas that opened in January 2020.

The 98,600-square-foot campus replaced a dark and badly ventilated aging campus, and evolved through an extensive process engaging teachers, parents, and students. One of the first design-build public K-12 schools in Austin, Menchaca Elementary School was originally conceived as a single building with interior circulation. However, with extensive community engagement, which included a Campus Architectural Team and current students, the design led to three separate buildings surrounding a courtyard brimming with oak trees.

Menchaca Principal Eliza Loyola describes the school as an “industrial modern campus with a lot of natural elements.” The exteriors are steel and gray, with a focus on nature around the campus.

The two main buildings are linked by covered walkways to a shared, two-story library and media center with makerspaces and quiet study areas. Teaming and collaboration spaces are conveniently located throughout the campus, and include four “learning villages”–groupings of studio spaces and meeting areas.

“The learning village is a really unique concept that Austin ISD is implementing,” stated LPA Design Director of K-12, Kate Mraw. “Each of the learning villages includes studios, collaboration space, and small group rooms, all with transparent or operable connections to each other, where students can create their own learning experiences.”

When the architectural designers established their specifications for Menchaca’s perfect lighting solutions, Lumetta’s L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants were the product of choice. The cone shaped lights were selected for use throughout the school’s interconnecting hallways.

The juxtaposition of brightly colored antimicrobial Lumenate® interior diffusers, such as turquoise “Caribbean”, bright “Sunflower”, vibrant “Orange”, and mysterious “Pomegranate” against the aluminum exterior diffusers provides for an understated yet bold modern look and washes the space in a wide arc of light.

The pendants hold a universal aesthetic appeal and captivate the children with their wild and whimsical colors. As an added bonus, the fixtures also keep the noise level down with their sound absorbing acoustic felt outer shades. With the harmonious blend of form and function, Lumetta’s L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants prove 1 + 1 equals 10!

For more information about our L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants, please see: https://lumetta.com/collection/acoustic/

Sales Agency: Spectrum Lighting

Specifier: LPA Design Studios

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