A Day in the Life of Lumetta’s Product Design LeadJune 2022

As the Lumetta Design Lead, What’s Your Typical Day Like? I’ll usually work on a few different design projects, most often in collaboration with others. I might work with production and engineering to prototype a new product we’re working or spend some time drawing or modeling some conceptual product designs. I could have a meeting with an outside vendor to discuss new materials they offer or maybe I’m meeting internally to coordinate messaging and presentation of a recent or upcoming product release.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for Lumetta? Working together to create beautiful, high quality products destined to help light and decorate so many different spaces.

What Do You find Most Challenging About Your Role at Lumetta? Most Rewarding? Managing project constraints (time, cost, risk, project scope, manufacturability etc.) is a challenging but very important part of what I do. Most rewarding is the collaborative work we do to build and improve processes that allow for new and exciting products and make for an overall more enjoyable and engaging work place.

What Do You Feel is the Best Part About Working for Lumetta? The best part about working at Lumetta is the opportunity to work with so many talented people that sincerely care about what they do and how they do it. The culture of continuous improvement and sustainable growth has been key to the success of the company and something I’ve always been proud to be a part of.

How Do You Work to Achieve and Exceed Your Goals? I work hard, ask lots of questions, and envision success.

Shown Above: Bowen Wheatley, Product Design Lead and the Link Acoustic Pendant