A Day in the Life of Lumetta’s Marketing ManagerAugust 2022

As the Lumetta Marketing Manager, What’s Your Typical Day Like? There’s never truly a “typical day” at Lumetta. The main objective of my position is to understand our customers and build awareness about our lighting products to satisfy their needs. I collaborate with the team to reach our audiences and drive engagement for our brand in a multitude of ways.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for Lumetta? I love working with the creative and sales teams to create Lumetta’s public facing communications. While earning customer trust and helping the sales team expand our reach I’m constantly learning and taking on new and exciting challenges.

What Do You Find Most Challenging About Your Role at Lumetta? Accessing new marketing alternatives has always been challenging–it means exposing ourselves to new competitors. However, we’ve been partnering with other brands and cross marketing in the same genre very successfully. It’s allowed us to introduce Lumetta to a new segment of consumers.

What Do You Feel is the Best Part About Working for Lumetta? Lumetta continues to create a “small family company” vibe. We’re able to have open collaboration between our teams and the leadership is very approachable.

How Do You Work to Achieve and Exceed Your Goals? Lumetta’s built our reputation on our customer-centric philosophy. By providing a clear roadmap that includes making exceptional products, being committed to our company values, and building ironclad relationships with our customers, the company has established strong guidelines that allow me to be fully engaged in not only meeting but exceeding Lumetta’s visionary goals.