Lumetta’s Antimicrobial Lumenate® and TransLumenate®August 2022

Lumetta’s proprietary Lumenate® and TransLumenate® diffuser material is engineered with integrated nanotechnology and includes antimicrobial agents for added protection and sustainability–allowing for easy cleaning and disinfecting of light fixtures, and around-the-clock protection for the life of the product.

By incorporating antimicrobial additives into the material, we help combat the spread of germs in public facilities and inhibit 99.9% of the growth of mold, mildew, fungi, and other bacteria on our fixtures between normal cleanings.

Lumenate® and TransLumenate® have been tested against ASTM E2180 standards and have performed at the highest antimicrobial levels.

For more info on the antimicrobial properties of our exclusive Lumenate® and TransLumenate® download: