A Day in the Life of Lumetta’s Product Design LeadJune 2022

As the Lumetta Design Lead, What’s Your Typical Day Like? I’ll usually work on a few different design projects, most often in collaboration with others. I might work with production and engineering to prototype a new product we’re working or spend some time drawing or modeling some conceptual product designs. I could have a meeting with an outside vendor to discuss new materials they offer or maybe I’m meeting internally to coordinate messaging and presentation of a recent or upcoming product release.

What Do You Enjoy Most About Working for Lumetta? Working together to create beautiful, high quality products destined to help light and decorate so many different spaces.

What Do You find Most Challenging About Your Role at Lumetta? Most Rewarding? Managing project constraints (time, cost, risk, project scope, manufacturability etc.) is a challenging but very important part of what I do. Most rewarding is the collaborative work we do to build and improve processes that allow for new and exciting products and make for an overall more enjoyable and engaging work place.

What Do You Feel is the Best Part About Working for Lumetta? The best part about working at Lumetta is the opportunity to work with so many talented people that sincerely care about what they do and how they do it. The culture of continuous improvement and sustainable growth has been key to the success of the company and something I’ve always been proud to be a part of.

How Do You Work to Achieve and Exceed Your Goals? I work hard, ask lots of questions, and envision success.

Shown Above: Bowen Wheatley, Product Design Lead and the Link Acoustic Pendant

Custom Double Drum Pendants Alight at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel’s LobbyJune 2022

Lumetta’s Custom Double Drum Pendants Alight at the Buena Vista Palace Hotel’s Lobby

Hilton Worldwide operates in over 100 countries and territories around the world–more than any other full-service hotel brand. It’s one of the world’s largest spa providers with 123 spas in operation across its portfolio.

Chain affiliate, Hilton Orlando Buena Vista Palace Hotel, is part of its first collection of premium resorts and exotic vacation experiences and is located in Orlando, Florida.

HOBVPH and specifier HK Architects recognized that Lumetta’s Custom Double Drum Pendants would be the perfect solution for the hotel’s lobby. With its modern flair and unusual double shade made of our exclusive antimicrobial Lumenate® diffuser material, the luminaire provides a clean, fresh, contemporary silhouette with a rich warm luster and serves as a hygienically functional lighting solution.

The charm of this fixture is that it disperses ambient light, blends with all décor styles, is antimicrobial, and can easily be wiped down / cleaned with any commercial cleaner—essential for all public spaces these days. Its timeless design and unmatched flowing beauty accentuate any interior space.

Lumetta creates custom and modified lighting to bring your design vision to life. Contact our agent today and put us to work on yours.

As always made in the USA by our hardworking designers, engineers, and craftspeople in our Warwick RI manufacturing facilities.

Custom Shadow Box Pendants Showcased at Shiki Sushi and Asian Fusion RestaurantJune 2022

Lumetta’s Custom Shadow Box Pendants Showcased at Shiki Sushi and Asian Fusion Restaurant

Shiki Sushi Asian Bistro, a premier sushi and Asian fusion cuisine eatery, located in Raleigh, NC, had undergone two separate expansions totaling 6,700 sf within an odd-shaped building.

The restaurant contracted Finley Design PA Architects & Interiors, of Durham, NC, to design a new 10,000 sf space in an adjacent space. The striking design features bold folding wall and ceiling planes that define the space in contrast to the existing structure.

Dramatic lighting and a limited palette of colors give the space a vibrant consistency with an extremely efficient layout. Lumetta’s Custom Shadow Box Pendants were specified to illuminate the dining area. The large amber colored luminaires offered a classic, clean lined silhouette that enhanced the unique surroundings.

The light reflecting on the ceiling and dispersing softly throughout the restaurant created a powerful yet relaxed mood to the environment.

Fabricated from welded steel / aluminum with a washable and antimicrobial exterior TransLumenate® diffuser and a washable antimicrobial core Lumenate® diffuser, the magnificent pendants were the perfect solution for both design aesthetics and restaurant cleanliness.

As always, made in the USA by our designers, engineers, and artisans.

Photo courtesy of Progress Photography.

Lumetta creates custom and modified lighting to bring your design vision to life. Contact our agent today and put us to work on yours.

Sands-Constellation Center for Critical CareJune 2022

Opened in October 2020 on the Rochester General Hospital campus, the Sands-Constellation Center for Critical Care is a 7-story, 312,000-square-foot structure that is home to visionary innovation with breakthrough technology and equipment. It’s brought to life by exceptional care teams who are trained in providing the highest level of care for those who need it most.

With a new surgical care center, women’s health and newborn care suites focused on helping families grow and 36 private patient rooms per floor in their medical, surgical and oncology care areas, they’re enhancing lives and preserving health in a place built for the future of healthcare as well as their community.

The design team collaborated on the conception of the interior décor and lighting options for the four new family lounges, and Architect Clark Patterson Lee Rochester specified Lumetta’s highly regarded 23” surface mounted drum pendants. The luminaires were chosen in direct response to Lumetta’s reputation within the lighting industry as well as the pendant’s proficiency in dispersing up and down lighting delicately and exquisitely, enveloping the surroundings in a warm and peaceful atmosphere.

By utilizing Lumetta’s clean-lined drum pendants, fashioned from our proprietary antimicrobial Lumenate®, the designers were able to play up the soft amber hue and create the perfect addition to blanket the space. The execution of the project allowed for a calm ambient light setting that met the comfort of patients and their families.

Sales Agency: Vertix Solutions

MonkeypoxJune 2022

The first known case of monkeypox was identified in 1958 when outbreaks of a pox-like disease occurred in monkeys that were kept for research.

The first documented human case of monkeypox was reported in 1970 in the Democratic Republic of Congo during an attempt to eliminate smallpox. Subsequently monkeypox has been reported in humans in other central and western African countries.

Scientists at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) are presently working with the Massachusetts Department of Public Health to investigate a case in which a US resident tested positive for monkeypox on May 18th, after returning from Canada.

CDC is also following numerous clusters of monkeypox that have been reported in early- to mid-May in countries that don’t normally see cases of the disease, including Europe and North America.

CDC is urging healthcare providers in the US to be vigilant in their treating of patients who have rash illnesses consistent with monkeypox.

What Should You Do:

Anyone who has symptoms that appear similar to monkeypox should contact their healthcare provider. This includes anyone who:

  1. traveled to central or west African countries, parts of Europe or other areas with confirmed cases of monkeypox
  2. is in contact with a person with confirmed or suspected monkeypox
  3. is a man who regularly has close or intimate contact with other men

What to Look For:

  • The rash involves vesicles or pustules that are deep-seated, firm or hard and progress over time to scabs
  • Symptoms typically include fever, chills, the distinctive rash, or new lymphadenopathy. However, onset of perianal or genital lesions in the absence of subjective fever has been reported
  • The monkeypox rash can be confused with other diseases that are encountered in clinical practice (e.g., secondary syphilis, herpes, chancroid, and varicella zoster)

For more information visit: Monkeypox | Poxvirus | CDC
2022 United States Monkeypox Case | Monkeypox | Poxvirus | CDC

A Message from the PresidentJune 2022

As President of Lumetta, there’s nothing that keeps me up at night more than thinking about how we can make better lighting solutions for you.

But one of the most important lessons we’ve learned over the years is that what WE think is best for our luminaires doesn’t really matter. What matters most is the challenges our partners – that’s you – are facing, and how we can better solve them.

We’ve always worked hard to get to know our customers, but I want to go deeper than we ever have before.

Over the next few months, my goal is to have a conversation with every single one of our partners. All of you.

I want to hear about your experience with Lumetta. What you like. What you love. What you hate. What you’ve been wanting us to fix or improve, but just haven’t gotten around to connecting with us about it.

If you would give me 10-15 minutes of your time, you’d be a big part of helping us make Lumetta the best it can possibly be.

Plus, I’m happy to offer help with any customer service or support issues you might be tackling.

If you’re interested, just email me at ian@lumetta.com, and I’ll send you instructions for setting up our call.

Thanks so much for being a loyal Lumetta partner.

Partner TestimonialApril 2022

In September 2021 KGM Architectural Lighting Designer, Kris Sandheinrich engaged California Lighting Sales in the utilization of Lumetta lighting solutions for a very specific application on the Dominican Sisters of Mission San Jose Rosary Building, in Fremont, CA.

This endeavor included not only a challenging mounting arrangement to meet DSA requirements but also a custom wattage specification to meet Title 24 energy standards.

Lumetta’s entire organization far exceeded the design team’s expectations. They provided custom spec-sheets, IES files and numerous finish samples–all in support of one fixture type. Their efforts ensured a successful project for all stakeholders.

The customization process was so easy that Lumetta has become the number one “go-to” lighting source for the design team’s on-going school projects. This has netted California Lighting Sales additional specifications at Flintridge Sacred Heart Academy and Notre Dame High School.

Lumetta remains one of CLS’s most significant and influential manufacturers. We are proud to have them on our line-card.

Architect: Di Song – Pica + Sullivan

Mike Brunasso
Specification Sales
California Lighting Sales
Covid UpdateApril 2022

Covid Vaccine Safety and Monitoring Information

  • COVID-19 vaccines were developed using principles that have existed for decades.
  • COVID-19 vaccines are safer than contracting the COVID-19 virus.
  • COVID 19-vaccines are effective at preventing severe illness from COVID-19 and reducing the spread of the virus.

Millions of people in the US have been given COVID-19 vaccines under the most intense safety monitoring in the country’s history. The CDC recommends getting a COVID-19 vaccine as soon possible.

To ensure the safety of COVID-19 vaccines, the CDC has broadened the US’ ability to monitor vaccine safety. The CDC has new ways of collecting additional information about the safety of COVID-19 vaccines. These web-based platforms give CDC scientists real-time information about the dependability of COVID-19 vaccines.

With increased monitoring, vaccine safety experts can oversee and detect issues that may not have been observed during the clinical trials. If any vaccine safety issues (adverse events) are reported, CDC scientists can quickly determine if there is a safety concern with a particular vaccine. Some of the tools that CDC uses to keep close tabs on the safety of COVID-19 vaccines include:

  • V-safe provides quick and confidential health check-ins via text messages and web surveys. You can quickly and easily share with CDC how you feel after getting a COVID-19 vaccine.
  • Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) is the national system that collects reports of adverse events that happen after COVID-19 vaccination.

For this and more information: bit.ly/3xRXnYH

Lumetta’s L2 Series Collection: Design from the Inside OutApril 2022

Lumetta’s L2 Series is all about creative expression. The elegant taper and drum cylinders are open at the top and bottom and are chic, modern and minimal.

Made with a dynamic double layer of our proprietary antimicrobial Lumenate® diffusers that are sure to make an eye-catching impression. Choose from 177 standard Lumenate® diffusers or create your own unique custom imagery.

Our L2 Acoustic Series is both functional and fashionable with its two-tone, acoustic, tapered or drum shade. Pair illumination and design with our exclusive sound dampening acoustic material that controls high noise levels and vibration. Our integrated system optimizes the synergy between our handcrafted illumination and our superior acoustic products.

To best accommodate your project, we offer both our L2 and L2 Acoustic Collections in a wide range of sizes from 18- to 48-inch in diameter. However, custom sizes, shapes and colors are always welcome.

Lumetta offers so many choices that design possibilities are endless. For more information visit our website for inspiring examples shown in our L2 Collection and Acoustic Collection.

Lumetta continuously researches and develops current technology so we can provide exciting new products that are attractive and easy to install. Our luminaires are impeccably designed to make a brilliant impression and to beautifully light any interior environment.

All our products are made in Rhode Island with a hands-on customer friendly approach and can easily be altered in scale, lamping, finish, and diffuser effects.

Earth Day is April 22, 2022April 2022

With six decades of experience, NC protected more than 119 million acres of land and 5,000 river miles—and they operate more than 100 marine conservation projects globally.

Some of the steps Lumetta has taken include:

  • Installing energy efficient lighting throughout our building
  • Obtaining recyclable packaging for our swatch samples
  • Donating products and supplies to:
    ReStore, Habitat for Humanity, Crossroads RI, American Heart Association, RI Food Bank, and others
  • Distributing reusable Lumetta branded grocery bags to our colleagues to reduce paper waste and the consumption of plastics.
  • Giving out seed packets to those who love gardening or want to try their hand at growing their own plants.
  • Sharing websites that offer ways to help reduce, reuse, and recycle.

We hope Lumetta inspires you to find ways to help the environment and to save energy and money.

We Stand with UkraineApril 2022

Lumetta stands firmly in solidarity and support of Ukraine, and for everyone affected by the atrocious violence of Putin’s military regime. We are shocked and saddened by the military invasion and for their brutal and unjustifiable attack on Ukraine and its innocent people. We add our voices to those around the globe calling for peace and an abrupt end to these horrible, lawless acts of aggression.

Like everyone around the world, we’re heartbroken and appalled by the ongoing war and crisis unfolding in Ukraine, a sovereign nation where millions of innocent people have been forcibly displaced from their homes, lives, and families.

We stand firmly with Ukraine through the devastating and economic toll being brought on by this war as people are continuously being killed, injured, and forced to flee, and the country’s physical infrastructure has been profoundly damaged. We steadfastly stand with the Ukrainian people through these horrifying developments.

The people of Ukraine are in our thoughts, as we continue to offer support and make our voices heard. Ukraine is a peaceful, democratic, and independent country with the right to exist, flourish and choose its destiny safely and freely.

We’re also thinking of the Russian communities – in the US, Europe, and abroad, many of whom are extremely hurt and dismayed, and have had no choice in the tragic events that are rapidly unfolding along with the intensifying situation.

We strongly encourage our community to use their voices as part of the global cry for peace. We stand for peace, safety, and for those who have had their lives turned upside down by this unimaginable tragedy.

Everyone, everywhere, should have an unequivocal right to peace, safety, and freedom.
We’ll always stand up for those rights.

L2 Acoustic Lighting Chosen for Menchaca Elementary SchoolMarch 2022

Menchaca Elementary School is a design-build project in Austin, Texas that opened in January 2020.

The 98,600-square-foot campus replaced a dark and badly ventilated aging campus, and evolved through an extensive process engaging teachers, parents, and students. One of the first design-build public K-12 schools in Austin, Menchaca Elementary School was originally conceived as a single building with interior circulation. However, with extensive community engagement, which included a Campus Architectural Team and current students, the design led to three separate buildings surrounding a courtyard brimming with oak trees.

Menchaca Principal Eliza Loyola describes the school as an “industrial modern campus with a lot of natural elements.” The exteriors are steel and gray, with a focus on nature around the campus.

The two main buildings are linked by covered walkways to a shared, two-story library and media center with makerspaces and quiet study areas. Teaming and collaboration spaces are conveniently located throughout the campus, and include four “learning villages”–groupings of studio spaces and meeting areas.

“The learning village is a really unique concept that Austin ISD is implementing,” stated LPA Design Director of K-12, Kate Mraw. “Each of the learning villages includes studios, collaboration space, and small group rooms, all with transparent or operable connections to each other, where students can create their own learning experiences.”

When the architectural designers established their specifications for Menchaca’s perfect lighting solutions, Lumetta’s L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants were the product of choice. The cone shaped lights were selected for use throughout the school’s interconnecting hallways.

The juxtaposition of brightly colored antimicrobial Lumenate® interior diffusers, such as turquoise “Caribbean”, bright “Sunflower”, vibrant “Orange”, and mysterious “Pomegranate” against the aluminum exterior diffusers provides for an understated yet bold modern look and washes the space in a wide arc of light.

The pendants hold a universal aesthetic appeal and captivate the children with their wild and whimsical colors. As an added bonus, the fixtures also keep the noise level down with their sound absorbing acoustic felt outer shades. With the harmonious blend of form and function, Lumetta’s L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants prove 1 + 1 equals 10!

For more information about our L2 Tapered Acoustic Pendants, please see: https://lumetta.com/collection/acoustic/

Sales Agency: Spectrum Lighting

Specifier: LPA Design Studios

Costea Photography