Introducing: Echo surface mount luminairesJune 2019

A close encounter with the art of light

The addition of the Echo surface mounts completes the popular Echo collection, a line of luminaires that play on light + geometry + pattern, to deliver impressive lighting in any space.

Drawing from the geometric shapes of the sconces, the Echo surface mount is a more current alternative to the predictable surface/ceiling lights available in the market today.  The design is poised to attract lighting specifiers inclined to the contemporary.

The unique feature of the Echo surface mount lies in its incomparable ability to amplify shape and pattern at a standard height of 3.75”.  The combination of the shape, inner diffuser patterns within an outer diffuser, and the proximity of the light to the ceiling surface, makes for a really aesthetic combination.  Add the Echo Lumenate® proprietary color choices, and these surface mounts can achieve any imaginative look and feel, integrating with interior design themes.

Echo surface mount luminaires are available in 6 signature Echo colors, 3 patterns, and 3 proprietary sconce shapes.

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