Lumetta is Pleased to Add the Task Collection to Its Product PortfolioOctober 2020

Lumetta announces the addition of its new line of lighting, “Task”.  The contemporary solution to lighting fixtures offers strong ambient lighting properties and even lighting distribution, making for a more pleasant environment.

With its classic shape and proportions, the series looks expensive but is surprisingly affordable. It’s functional and fashionable and widely used for general lighting applications, contributing more light than similar lighting.

“We are pleased to announce the release of our new Task fixtures. This addition to our lighting portfolio adds superior value-engineering and energy-efficiency at a truly affordable price point,” states President and Founder, Bill Prichett.

The two progressive surface mounts have a distinctly modern flair and are aptly named Stark and Muse. Both are available in two durable frame finishes, black or white, with Stark available as a single surface, single finish fixture. Muse can be ordered in 3 exclusive designer shade wrap options: Chevron, Marble and Squiggle. The fixtures are offered with up/down lighting and meet all utility and design requirements.

Size: 24” OD x 4” H, Strong task lighting at 6800 lumens, 80W.

Bowen Wheatley, Lumetta’s Product Design Lead, noted, “The right kind of lighting can improve our reading ability, create a more noticeable difference in colors and prevent eye strain. Our new Task makes reading, writing, working, and day-to-day life easier. The high-efficiency LED fixture also improves energy efficiency and reduces waste for a cleaner environment.”

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